• Burris Trumount Universal Base Fits Tikka

Burris Trumount Universal Base Fits Tikka

RUG-90274 by Burris

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The demands of extreme shooters — riflemen who measure their successes in hundreds of yards and dime-sized groups — dictate the word compromise never enter our engineering vocabulary.
Fudge a few 1/1000s of an inch here, cut a corner on materials there, and the mounting hardware just wouldn’t be Burris.
We build every ring and every base to be as precise as it is strong, as beautiful as it is reliable. Mate that lofty manufacturing standard to innovations like Pos-Align™ Offsets and an impressive selection of sizes and configurations, and you appreciate why Burris rings and bases have long been the choice of savvy shooters.
Burris’ commitment to absolute precision yields a significant extra — confidence. Confidence to hammer a big whitetail on the backside of a stubble field.
Confidence to snipe a call-shy coyote from 350 yards.
Confidence to weather Mother Nature’s worst and still put a bullet exactly where you want it.
To shoot with anything less would be a compromise.
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