• Remington Rem Choke Tactical 12Ga Extended Ported

Remington Rem Choke Tactical 12Ga Extended Ported

REM-76112 by Remington

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Specifically designed for tactical shotguns and home defense shotguns that can accept interchangeable with the Rem Choke thread pattern, these chokes are an important part of any defensive shotgun. This tactical choke tube features multiple ports and a series of jagged teeth that reduces muzzle rise and aids in consistent shot placement. It has an extended length as well as a knurled ring around the body that facilitates faster insertion and removal from the barrel.

Specifications and features:
Rem Choke Tactical 12 Gauge 19791
Extended Ported Choke Tube
Jagged Breeching Teeth
Matte black finish
Use with lead shot only.
Made in USA

Rem Choke Thread Pattern
Remington 870, 1100 and 11-87

Item#: 76112
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