• Tenergy CR123A Batteries Each

Tenergy CR123A Batteries Each

TEN-30214 by Tenergy

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High power 3V lithium CR123A batteries. Usuually used for many of these common applications: photo equipment, camera equipment, flashlights, light meters, security cameras, and much more. **NOT compatible with Arlo Cameras. Please DO NOT use with Arlo Cameras.
CR123A propel batteries are one-time-use, disposable batteries. Lithium batteries have high energy density that will last 3-5 times longer than ordinary alkaline one time use batteries when using in high drain devices. *These are NON-rechargeable lithium batteries, please do NOT charge them.
This CR123A can replace the following models and sizing names: CR123, DL123A, K123A, EL123AP, VL123A, 5018LC, and CR17345.
Dimensions: 17 mm (diameter) x 34.5 mm (length) replace your current or original CR123A batteries with these at a great value.
UL, UN, ROHS certified. Protected lithium battery for safe battery usage - Tenergy batteries prevent excessive discharge leading to damaged lithium cells and possible catastrophic incidents.
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